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Efficient furnace repair services in Westfield, NJ

The weather in New Jersey is generally unpredictable and it’s practically impossible to survive the colder months of the year without a functioning furnace. Imagine the horror of your furnace malfunctioning just as the weather gets cold. Ideally, you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to wear a coat and gloves indoors just to stay warm.

With so many furnace repair service providers out there, who do you turn to? At JDS HVAC Service LLC, we have nearly three decades of experience in providing efficient furnace repair services inWestfield and other regions of New Jersey. We respect and value your time which is why most of our repairs are performed swiftly, without any hassle.

Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured knowing that our professionals are certified, and provide you with honest estimates without any extra charges. Our goal is to provide you with furnace repairs that exceed expectations, and that’s the main reason why homeowners come back to us for all their furnace and air conditioning needs.

Warning signs your furnace needs repairs

Before your furnace breaks down and stops working completely, there are some warning signs you should watch out for, which could lead to timely intervention. As homeowners, we’re often guilty of ignoring the condition of our furnace until winter comes along and the furnace isn’t working efficiently. Here are some warning signs:

-The furnace is blowing cold air
-Gas leakage
-Increase in utility bills
-Loud noises coming from the furnace
-The furnace hasn’t been serviced in the past 10-12 months
-Malfunctioning thermostat

These warning signs shouldn’t be ignored as they are a clear indication that your furnace needs to be repaired. Ignoring these warning signs can often lead to irreparable damage and you may have to replace your furnace completely. This is an unneeded expense that can easily be avoided by calling in our technicians who specialize in furnace repairs.

Our experts realize that a perfectly functioning HVAC system is essential for your comfort, especially in the winters. This is why we make sure that your furnace is repaired quickly. At JDS HVAC Services LLC, you don’t have to worry about our services putting a strain on your budget as we offer affordable rates. Contact us today!